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About Us

Capital meets Ideas: We invest in first class entrepreneurs and innovative technologies in high growth markets.

Who we are

With 300 million Euro under management, Target Partners is one of the leading venture capital investors in Europe.

Target Partners invests in young technology companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through our personal commitment, a global network and our deep experience as entrepreneurs, managers and venture capital investors, we support you in building a great company.

The partners of Target Partners have years of collective experience as successful managers, entrepreneurs and venture capital investors in Europe and the USA.

We founded or led companies ourselves, developed or sold technology products ourselves. We have seen numerous companies through to IPO and beyond. We understand the challenges an entrepreneur faces and that the road to success often isn't simple and straight.

Both in Europe and the USA Target Partners has a large network in industry and venture capital. We open doors for you to customers, business partners, experienced managers and financial markets. We support you in business development and in international expansion.

How we work

Before we invest, we want to get well-acquainted with you and your company. After we invest, we support your company at key decision points and want to see it through to a big success.

How to Start: Simply send your business plan to start (at) We normally respond within one to two weeks. We treat such materials as strictly confidential. And remember: brevity is the soul of wit!

Getting to Know You (Due Diligence): Before we invest, we want to get to know your products, customers and competitors – but, most of all, to get to know you and your team. Both you and we should dedicate enough time for this phase.

Investment: Soon after you and we have made the decision to work together, it's time to create a contractual framework identifying the basis of our investment. Legal contracts establish clear rules for both sides.

Working Together: One of our partners is your principal contact at Target Partners. But the whole partnership is available to you: all of us have the same interest in your company's success. We meet regularly with you and are always available in critical times. Transparent, direct exchanges with one another makes for a dependable and predictable partnership.

The Exit: Typically, we invest in a company for a period of between three and seven years. We don't believe in short-term speculation or having to take hasty action at a difficult time. We want to sell our investment when your company is at its most successful point!

And then? Even after the sale of our stake in your company, we want to stay in touch. Perhaps you'll start another company! Or you may want to work with one of our portfolio firms.

What we look for

We look for energetic entrepreneurs with the ambition to build a strong growing company. A clear vision, tenacity, teamwork and leadership skills are prerequisite for success.

We invest predominantly in companies in German-speaking countries. As the world’s strongest export region, the European technology champion and with a huge domestic market, this region provides an excellent base for building strong and fast growing companies.

We focus on markets that are ready for innovation, disruption, and those which will grow rapidly. This often means high-growth technology markets, such as mobile, software, green IT, e-commerce, and internet. These are sectors where our team has direct experience, extensive networks and has grown companies.

Investment size
Our typical initial investment is about EUR 1m – 3m and we normally invest about EUR 6m – 8m over the lifecycle of a company. Sometimes we do small seed investments too.

Investment stage
We typically invest in the early stages of our companies, and continue to support them throughout the various stages of their existence. We normally are the first institutional investor.

We are also open to investing in later stage rounds of financing for more mature businesses if we believe we can provide value and help them scale effectively.

You have great ideas and ambitions? We want to meet you!



Experience, ability to execute and a strong network: People make the difference.

People we've backed



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Dr. Georg Bednorz, Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer and Dr. Lothar Stein as advisors