tado° makes a smart home climate control system for consumers. The company’s solution increases the operating efficiency of home and apartment heating systems by up to 30 percent. These savings can pay for the cost of the tado° solution in less than a year. The company’s systems are compatible with most standard heating systems and can be retrofitted.

The tado° solution consists of a small hardware box which communicates with the tado° server over the internet. Users interact with tado° on their smartphones, tablets or computers. Native applications with a strong focus on usability and design are available for all platforms.

Open Positions

Partner: Kurt Müller
Business segment: Intelligent home climate control
Location: Munich
Date of investment: November 2011
Stage of investment: Seed
Status: Active


Christian Deilmann co-founder

Christian Deilmann

Johannes Schwarz CTO + co-founder

Johannes Schwarz